8 Big Reasons Your Tree Needs Cut Down

Tree Branch Removal.jpg

Should it stay or should it go? Most of us would like to keep the trees we’ve got. But sometimes, nearby trees can be a threat to our homes and our safety. Read on below for 8 big reasons your tree needs cut down…

1. Your Tree is Dying

Well, we thought we’d get the obvious one out of the way first. (Although sometimes, it’s admittedly not-so-obvious.) To determine if your tree is dying, look for significant loss of leaves at the top of the tree or large dead limbs throughout the tree.

2. Pest or Disease Problems

You may have pest or disease problems that cannot be treated. In these instances, it’s often best to remove the tree.

3. Large Areas of Rot

If you have large areas of rot on the main trunk of the tree, the tree is in trouble.

4. Oversized

Is the tree too large for the area that it’s in? Is it casting too much shade in the area and therefore causing grass and other landscaping to die off? When oversized trees dominate a space to the point that other plants cannot grow, our customers often prefer these trees come down.

5. Too Close to Important Structures

Is the tree leaning toward any important structures? Is it too close to your house, utility lines, a barn, kids play areas, etc.? If so, it’s better to be proactive and have it removed before it causes injury or structural damage.

6. The “Root” of a Problem

If the tree's root systems have worked towards the basement of the house - or if the roots are starting to lift up areas of driveway, concrete, or patio - you may want to get to the root of the problem.

7. Storm Damage

If the tree has suffered significant storm damage, the rest of the tree may not survive. The tree may have developed a poor structure over the years, making it more likely to split or break large leads off during storms.

8. Interferes with other Projects

The tree could simply be in the way of completing another needed project on the property. But don’t worry… when one tree comes down, you can often plant another elsewhere on the property.

Still not sure if that tree needs cut down?

We’re here to help. At SUN AND SEED TREE, we offer free estimates for your tree removal needs.